Rephanie & Lucca (film)

Two weeks ago, I met the talented Alexandria from Daphne Mae Photography for a mentoring session in California. OMG, it was so inspiring... First of all, Alex is the sweetest person on earth (really) and it was such a privilege to learn from her. In fact, it totally changed my perspective about my own work! Why? Because of film.

For a long time, I've been using presets to emulate film on my digital photos because I'm so in love with the aesthetic. But now that I've shot with ''real film'', I'm just even more in love with the process! I love how bright and airy it is, how the skin tones are creamy, how everything looks pastel and soft... And I also love how sometimes a shot can look ''imperfectly perfect'', just like real life.

So how has it changed my perspective about my own work? While you're shooting film, you can't click thousands of times to get the right shots. With only 16 or 32 poses, the rhythm is totally different. You have to slow down, to take your time, and to wait for the right moment to click. That is so new to me! It is hard at first but so exciting at the same time. You know that you have to wait until you get the perfect shot. Everything in the frame has to be ''perfect''; the right composition, the right moment. And then you can't even see if you got it in your camera, you have to trust yourself and wait one or two weeks before you can see the result.  And I really love EVERYTHING about it! :)